Wedding Rings - brief history.

Though the exact origin of wedding bands is unknown, historians believe ancient Egypt started the tradition of the betrothal ring. Archaeological discoveries dating back more than three millennia indicate that, in this ancient culture, couples exchanged rings braided from reeds and other plant materials. From ancient tomb paintings these rings seem to have been worn on the third finger of the left hand; a forerunner of modern western tradition. Similarly, the wedding band evolved in ancient Roman times although it seemed to serve mainly as a symbol of ownership of the woman. These rings were made of metals; either iron, gold and probably copper.

Wedding and Partnership Rings today.

The rings below, are a few examples I have made, either as repeatable options or as specially commissioned pieces.

Original '2-D Wedding Rings' in matt finished gold, silver or white gold
Two partnership rings in white and rose gold
Textured finish wedding bands and a diamond engagement ring
A three band wedding ring with Carré cut Ruby
Two Stacking rings worn as wedding sets
Platinum wedding bands for the Ann and Dick

Wedding Rings - a brief history, continued.

It was not until about 860 AD that Christians adopted the ring in marriage ceremonies. At first many of these rings were highly decorated, however, the Church discouraged this as hedonistic and somewhat lite on piety. It was around the 13th century when wedding and betrothal rings were considerably simplified in an attempt to evoke a more spiritual look.

Something a bit different for a Wedding Ring Ring.

Things have now come full circle; wedding rings have now become expressions of individual taste and lifestyle as well as the symbol of love, loyalty and fidelity. The selection below would indicate that couples want something different to the bulk, mass produced choices one increasingly finds in high street shops. I would like to realise a different option for you.

'Pierced ring' with diamonds and small Ruby
Penny and Naseems's commissioned wedding rings
Clamshell ring with diamond
'Pierced Ring' in 18K white gold with small blue Sapphires
Large 'Loop Ring' in silver with Aqua-marines
Two special wedding bands with Kufic text
 A 'Coiled Ring' in 18K gold with a diamond and small Ruby cabochons

End of this selection.